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“Hist-Op” Evaluation Software Download

The evaluation version of the “Hist-Op” is fully functional but limited to 100 rows per node per run and also has an expiry date; but apart from those two features, designed only to keep honest people honest, the software has all features enabled and allows developers to check the functionality and see if it meets all of their requirements. The installation instructions and user guide are contained in the documentation, which can be downloaded from this page.
The compressed download file also contains a sample job and file to illustrate the use of the “Hist-Op” operator. This evaluation version is not supported and may not be used in a production environment. See the "small print" below for disclaimers.

Version Date Windows 2008 Red Hat 6 AIX Comments
1.2.6b 2014-09-12 Hist-Op_1.2.6b_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6b_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6b_aix_en.zip New validity date rnage for the demo version.
1.2.6a 2013-11-05 Hist-Op_1.2.6a_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6a_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6a_aix_en.zip New validity date for demo version.
1.2.6 2013-09-28 Hist-Op_1.2.6_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.2.6_aix_en.zip Added RAW support in keys & CDC columns. Tuned CRC algorithm for speed
1.2.5 2013-08-25 Hist-Op_1.2.5_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.2.5_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.2.5_aix_en.zip Added Zero-Time interval and minor fixes.
1.1.7 2012-11-01 Hist-Op_1.1.7_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.7_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.7_aix_en.zip Internal tuning for faster group traversal.
1.1.6 2012-10-07 Hist-Op_1.1.6_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.6_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.6_aix_en.zip Minor fixes, new valid-to date for demo.
1.1.5 2012-09-09 Hist-Op_1.1.5_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.5_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.5_aix_en.zip Cleaned up texts. Added out-of-range checking and error messages. Various internal changes.
1.1.2 2012-08-31 Hist-Op_1.1.2_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.2_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.2_aix_en.zip Cleaned up English-language display texts.
1.1.1 2012-08-16 Hist-Op_1.1.1_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.1_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.1_aix_en.zip Added Low/High Date & TimeStamp parameters
1.1.0 2012-08-11 Hist-Op_1.1.0_en_win2008.zip Hist-Op_1.1.0_rh_en.zip Hist-Op_1.1.0_aix_en.zip Initial Web Version (English)

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Software disclaimer
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