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Hist-Op Logo - The watch escapement

Hist-Op Logo
Hist-Op Logo

The image used for the “Hist-Op” logo is a stylized silhouette of a simple mechanical watch escapement. The escapement, which has been in use since the late 13th century, has been the basic method for allowing time measurement in watches, clocks and other timepieces for centuries. Although mechanical watches are still made, the escapement has been supplanted by electronic timekeeping as of 1957 and quartz watches in the 1970s. The escapement uses a simple lever and gears to keep the wheel from spinning uncontrollably, when one side disengages the other side engages and the wheel moves forward one gear. The escapement effectively partitions the turning of a dial into discrete units - chopping up time mechanically into segments. This is analogous to what the Hist-Op does with data, segmenting temporal ranges into representable units.